Australian Voices on Syria

This page aims to give a voice to Australians who support a political solution to the crisis  in Syria, a solution which can stop the current war and prevent a regional one.  Remarkably their views are seldom presented in the media.

Image: Taken at an Australians for Syria 2011 rally in Coburg, Melbourne.

This page presents interviews with people whose voices are rarely heard in the mainstream media.



Ed, who has a Lebanese background, attended a rally on 5 August to support the Syrian army and government.  Here he speaks about his concerns for Syria, Lebanon and the wider region.

A Lebanese Australian expresses his support for Syria’s fight against terrorists


Abir, a Syrian Australian who is married to a Lebanese Australian with experience of living through the Lebanese war, presents some of her reasons for supporting the Syrian government and president.  5 August 2012.

Abir expresses support for Syria


Two young Syrian Australian women talk about their concerns for Syria and their opposition to any armed opposition in Syria.  5 August 2012

Nisrine and Samantha express their support for Syria


Abu Hassan shows his support for the Syrian army (Arabic and English). 5 August 2012

Abu Hassan expresses his support for the Syrian army


At the Melbourne rally on Syria’s Army Day, 5 August 2012, Bilal, a young Syrian Australian, welcomed the chance to be interviewed; he was joined by two friends.

Bilal and friends support Syria


Two high school students offered to rap for me; their rap expresses their support for Syria. 5 August 2012

Boys rap for Syria on 5 August 2012


Haidar, a Syrian Australian, is happy about expressing his views on the conflict in Syria.  5 August 2012

Haidar explains his support for peace in Syria


Hanadi, who has relatives in Homs, was interviewed on 10 July 2012. She refers to massacres occurring in Syria just prior to meetings in the UN.

(For further examination of the Houla massacre in particular, check articles by John Rosenthal  .  His second was in response to critics.  Also see what U.S. Republican Congressman Ron Paul had to say in a speech he made to Congress; he equates the reporting of massacres in Syria to ‘war propaganda’.  The most recent UN report on Houla has not pointed the finger at any one party; instead it states there are three possibilities. An analysis of the mainstream media response to Houla with reference to the UN report can be found on Media Lens. )

Hanadi, an Australian activist, presents her views on the crisis in Syria

Tanya was interviewed on 10 July. She presents the views of her Christian relatives who live in a village outside the city of Homs.

Tanya speaks about her love for Syria & the experience of Christians in Syria

Mohammad speaks about life in Syria, the media campaign against Syria, Al-Jazeera being a player in the campaign to destroy Syria,  and support for the state of Syria

Interview with Mohammad 10 July

Sam Iskandar, from Marrickville Council, speaks about the geopolitical and economic reasons behind efforts to create chaos in Syria, the threat of a major war, the possibilities for peace

Sam Iskandar speaks about his concerns for Syria and the world 10 July 2012


On 1 July 2012, Australians for Syria organised a rally in a community hall in Melbourne. The voices of some of the people at the rally can be heard on this page, they include a 12-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl, and some young guys who attempt an impromptu rap.  But to preface the interviews, an Australian who is not a member of the Arabic community was asked to give his views on Syria and the media presentation of the crisis there. This interview took place in the Victorian National Gallery on Thursday 28 June 2012.


Interview with two teachers at the Victorian National Gallery, 28 June 2012.

Joseph and Grazina; 28 June 2012; Discussing Syria

Interview with Hala at the Australians for Syria rally in a community centre in Melbourne, 1 July 2012.

Interview with Hala at an Australians for Syria rally, Melbourne, 1 July 2012

Interview with Rob, a spokesperson for Australians for Syria, 1 July 2012.

Rob talks about Christians in Syria;role of media

Sounds of the crowd at the rally, and two people give a short, but enthusiastic response to questions, 1 July 2012.

Mix of voices from crowd passing in foyer; two women give their views on Syria

Young guys at the rally express their opinion on Syria, 1 July 2012.

Young guys have their say on Syria

A 16-year-old girl and her mum speak out, 1 July 2012.

Interview with a school girl who expresses her support for Syria and its president

Interview with a mother and her two children who are disturbed by the mainstream reporting on Syria.  There is reference to the 19 June ABC Behind the News report on Syria. A young woman also shows her support for Syria. 1 July 2012.

Mother and children discuss Syria, presenting their support for the president

Interview with a Christian Syrian Australian. 11 June, 2012. (This interview is featured on another page of the blog).

Jousslin Monday 11 June 12

Jousslin and her mum speak about the First Lady of Syria. 11 June 2012.

Jousslin and Mum

On 14 June, The Monthly Argument presented a debate on Syria at Melbourne University Graduate House.  Two members of Australians for Syria spoke.  Deakin University academic, Sally Totman was booked to speak but pulled out at the last minute, so Susan Dirgham was asked to take her place.

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